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Providing Information Technology solutions related to software, databases and possible fixes which may be hardware and or black box software related.

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Solution:          To whom it may concern, it has come to our attention at ExecuCorpGlobal that there exists a              compatibility issue with certain browsers.  The issue pertains to the landing page of certain websites              where the initial website page is displayed, but the users are unable to see and/or select the next page              options associated with the landing page.  The solution to this is to download IE 8.0 Chrome, or              downloading Firefox, Opera, for options.  Please be informed that other browsers not listed here may              also work.  We do not suggest one browser over another, because users have their own browser              preferences.

             For Google Chrome 3 click  <here>

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Information:                Possibility of enhancing or reducing screen displays on the web displays

             When using most browsers and the display is not at full screen or you intend to display in a magnified              manner, you can use  <Ctrl><+> keys simultaneously multiple times in order to magnify the display.  In              reverse, you are able to use the <Ctrl> <-> keys simultaneously multiple times in order to shrink the web              display to the original size or a smaller size.  Please note, some software, sometimes certain shortcut              keys are used to create certain functions or actions on a computer (these may be unknown to the system              user), so please be careful in using the shortcut keys so that no unwanted actions will occur.



                 Additional hints, suggestions, solutions are posted under here…   Feel free to come back from time to time in order to find useful information as it becomes listed here…  We strive to help Information technology users of useful tricks and / or information.


DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that we do our best to keep you informed of technology information, as listed above, but also keep in mind that if you choose to implement our suggestions that we arte not the designers or producers of the software / hardware / or firmware and that we in no way will be held responsible for any side effects that may happen on the installation or usage of the information above.  Thus we suggest that prior to you using the above information, that you do your own independent research to verify that our above information is correct

ExecuCorpIT        Providing Information Technology solutions related to software, databases and            possible fixes to hardware and software issues.  Also, services rendered by a subsidiary are            software development, software support interface, project planning, by            KBKComputerServices<Click Here To Go There>.